Book List

This list of publications  is fairly comprehensive. We are familiar with  each title and can recommend any one of them as informative reading if you are interested in learning more about the natural and cultural history of the Yukon.


Yukon – A Wilder Place by Fritz Mueller and Teresa Earle,  Greystone Books 2011

Three Rivers – The Yukon’s Great Boreal Wilderness by Sarah Locke, Juri Peepre & others; Harbour Publishing 2004

Wild Rivers of the Yukon’s Peel Watershed – A Travellers Guide by Juri Peepre & Sarah Locke; 2008

The Boreal Herbal – Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North, by Beverely Gray, 2010

The Boreal Gourmet, Adventures in Northern Cooking  by Michele Genest,  Harbour Publishing, 2010

Yukon’s Tombstone Range and Blackstone Uplands Edited by Sarah Locke; Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Yukon Chapter, 2000

Yukon Wild – Natural Regions of the Yukon, CPAWS, 1995

Exploring the Alaska-Yukon Border Country, by John Page & Jill De La Hunt. Alaska Natural History Association. Minocqua WI North Word Press. 1994

The Lost Whole Moose Catalogue – A Yukon Way of Knowledge. Whitehorse: Lost Moose Publishing. 1991

A Naturalists Guide to the Arctic By E.C.Pielou. The University of Chicago Press. Chicago.1994

After the Ice Age – The Return of Life to Glaciated North America. by E,C. Pielou. The University of Chicago Press. 1991

The World of Northern Evergreens by E.C. Pielou Cornell University Press 1988

Backcountry Bear Basics by Dave Smith, Greystone Books Vancouver, 1997

A Beast the Colour of Winter- The Mountain Goat Observed. By Douglas H. Chadwick. Sierra Club Books San Francisco. 1983

The Yukon  by Pat and Baiba Morrow, Firefly Books, 1997

Yukon – A Wilder Place, by Fritz Mueller, 2010

Yukon – Spellbound Under Northern Skies, by Theo Allofs. Halifax: Nimbus Publishing Ltd. 1995

Yukon – Colour of the Land, by Richard Hartmier. Whitehorse: Lost Moose Publishing. 1995

Tatshenshini – River Wild, Vancouver: Raincoast Books. 1993

Tatshenshini Wilderness Quest and Other River Adventures , by Ken Madsen. Whitehorse: Primrose Publishing. 1991

Wild Rivers, Wild Lands by Ken Madsen, Lost Moose Publishing, 1996

Paddling in the Yukon by Ken Madsen, Primrose Publishing, 1996

The Living Tundra – Studies in Polar Research By YU.I. Chernov. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge. 1985

Arctic Dreams, by Barry Lopez. Bantam Books. 1986

Arctic Exodus- The Last Great Trail Drive, by Dick North.Toronto: MacMillan of Canada.1991.

Caribou and the Barrenlands, by George Calef . CARC. Ottawa. Firefly Books Ltd Toronto. 1981

Interior Alaska- A Journey Through Time. Eds R.M. Thorson, J.S. Aigner, R. Dale and M.L. Guthrie, W.S. Schneider, R.K. Nelson. The Alaska Geographic Society. Anchorage, 1986.


CULTURAL HISTORY (specifically)

Whitehorse – An Illustrated History  by Helene Dobrowlsky & Linda Johnson,  City of Whitehorse 2013

Part of Land Part of Water, by Catharine McClelland, Douglas and McIntyre., Vancouver and Toronto, 1987

Reading Voices – Oral & Written Interpretations of the Yukon’s Past, by Julie Cruikshank. Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre.1991

Life Lived Like A Story – Life Stories of Three Yukon Elders, Edited by Julie Cruikshank. University of Nebraska Press. 1990

Atlin’s Gold by Peter Steele. Cautlin Press, Prince Goerge 1995

Atlin-the Story of British Columbia’s Last Gold Rush by Christine France Dickinson, Diane Solie Smith. Atlin Historical Society. Atlin 1995

Taku-The Heart of North America’s Last Great Wilderness by Allison Mitchan. Lancelot Press 1993

Law of the Yukon – A Pictorial History of the Mounted Police of the Yukon, by Helene Dobrowolsky. Whitehorse Lost Moose Publishing. 1995

The Lost Patrol, by Dick North. Anchorage: Alaska Northwest Publishing Company. 1978

A Whaler & Trader in the Arctic – My Life With the Bowhead, by Arthur James Allen. Anchorage: Alaska Northwest Publishing Co. 1978

Of Whales, Ice & Men, by John Bockstoce




Golden Guide to Birds of North America. By Chandler S. Robbins, Bertel Bruun and Herbert S. Zim. Golden Press, New York. 1983

Birds of North America. National Geographic Society. Mosses Lichens & Ferns of Northwest North America, by D. Vitt, J. Marsh & R. Bovey. Edmonton: Lone Pine Publ.1988

The Birders Handbook- a Field Guide to the Natural History of North American Birds- the Essential Companion to your Identification Guide. by Paul R. Ehrlich, David S. Dobkin and Darryl Wheye. Pub. by Simon & Schuster Inc. 1998


Wildflowers of the Yukon by John Trelawny. Gray’s Pub.Ltd. Sidney, BC. 1983

Harvesting the Northern Wild, by Marilyn Walker. Yellowknife: Outcrop Ltd. 1984

Plants of Northern British Columbia, by Mackinnon, Pojar & Coupe. Vancouver/Edmonton: Lone Pine Publishing. 1992


A Field Guide to the Mammals of America-north of Mexico by W.H. Burt and R.P. Grossenheider. Peterson Guide. Houghton Mifflin Co. Boston,1976