Women’s Sojourns

Sila Sojourns offers some women-only sojourns, where women have a chance to share a paddling or/and hiking adventure in the natural world with other women. These sojourns often have a creative or/and personal development focus as well ( eg. singing, yoga, writing, art, meditation), in addition to the outdoor activity component.  View our scheduled departures  to see if any Women’s Sojourns are currently being offered for this coming season. Sila specializes in custom-designed trips so if you have a group of women you want to adventure or retreat with contact us to see if we can design something that fits your interests and time frame.

This is a chance to connect deeply to the healing energy of this powerful landscape. As well, it is an opportunity to be in community, to share our insights and laughter with trip companions, and through this sharing to co-create a journey together. In this exploration of self in nature we can connect to the simple purity of the present moment. Give yourself this gift of time to just BE.

Join us in this exploration of the creative impulse, inspired by the crimson shades of the Yukon autumn and the remoteness of this mountain valley. Come experience the perfection of our vibrant autumn days, with all your senses, before the long exhale of winter. Enjoy the comradery of women creating together.

Join us in this exploration of the sacred, in the land of the midnight sun. Through sound and silence, and in the sublime sub-Arctic light, our senses will awaken as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Yukon wilds and  allow the natural world to awaken our innate connection to all beings.  And through music, movement and stillness we can experience the natural world in a profound and joyful way.