Scheduled Trips

 We are fully booked for 2024 with some custom-designed sojourns. But feel free to contact us if you want some assistance with finding other operators  for your dream trip this season. Otherwise check back later this year for our  2025 schedule. The trips shown on the website are examples of the various sojourns we offer. 

in 2025 we will also be offering again custom-designed half day and day long excursions (hiking, paddling, skiing or snowshoeing) in the southern Yukon within an hour or two’s drive of Whitehorse. 


To celebrate our  30th anniversary  we took a sabbatical in 2023 so that we could explore new places, and in 2024 are offering only  custom designed adventures.  We apologize that we are not offering scheduled departures this year. We hope that you find other adventures to your liking – ones that  immerse you in the beauty of the natural world, and in the company of fine companions to share your experiences with.

The section of the Alsek River that we will run is entirely within Kluane National Park, in southwest Yukon. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kluane is also part of the world's largest protected area, which traverses an international boundary, and incorporates three other parks – Alaska’s Wrangell-St Elias and Glacier Bay National Parks, and British Columbia’s Tatshenshini Provincial Park.

Tombstone Mountain, a towering plutonic intrusion, is at the heart of southern Ogilvies. It is also the namesake for Tombstone Territorial Park. This park straddles the Dempster Highway – a narrow strip of gravel in an immense expanse of northern Yukon wilderness. Multiple alpine glaciations have sculpted the rock spires and left behind distinctive features such as cirques, tarns and moraines. The Tombstones are at the southern edge of Beringia, a unique region that was not scoured by continental glaciers during the last ice age.

Join us in this exploration of the sacred, in the land of the midnight sun. Through sound and silence, and in the sublime sub-Arctic light, our senses will awaken as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Yukon wilds and  allow the natural world to awaken our innate connection to all beings.  And through music, movement and stillness we can experience the natural world in a profound and joyful way.