Scheduled Trips

In the summer of 2020 we will be focusing primarily on custom designed multi day trips, with just a few for general sign up.   We are for the first time offering a  multi day cross country ski trip  in late winter.  We will also continue to offer custom designed day trips in the southern Yukon within an hour or two’s drive of Whitehorse primarily in the  fall, winter and spring months. These can accommodate a group size of one to eight people.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a custom trip for your own group of family, friends, or colleagues, and if we are not able to accommodate you we can hopefully point you towards others who might.  Also let us know if there is something  that interests you, after browsing through the descriptions of our multi- day trips, even if you don’t have your own group together.  We may have had others express similar interest and can add a trip of your choice to our scheduled departures.  Also if a scheduled trip is full we can take your name in the event of cancellations.

FREEDOM of the HILLS                                Cross Country Skiing  in Southern Yukon                        March 1-8, 2020      (Inquire about specific details)

THE ECSTASY OF SOUND & SILENCE         Women’s  solstice retreat at Primrose Lake          June 15-21, 2020                  FULL

HART RIVER                                                     Canoeing/rafting in the Peel Watershed                   July 12-25, 2020                   FULL

SNAKE RIVER                                                   Canoeing/rafting in the Peel Watershed                   July 28 – August 11, 2020   FULL

MOUNTAIN LIGHT                                           Fall colours hiking in Tombstone Territorial Park          August 27-31, 2020