Tombstone Territorial Park

Tombstone Mountain, a towering plutonic intrusion, is at the heart of southern Ogilvies. It is also the namesake for Tombstone Territorial Park. This park straddles the Dempster Highway – a narrow strip of gravel in an immense expanse of northern Yukon wilderness. Multiple alpine glaciations have sculpted the rock spires and left behind distinctive features such as cirques, tarns and moraines. The Tombstones are at the southern edge of Beringia, a unique region that was not scoured by continental glaciers during the last ice age.

"Numinous" is defined as "of or pertaining to the spiritual and supernatural". How often have we looked at a landscape and felt a degree of transformation or elevation? How is the process of walking through the landscape a numinous journey, and how may photography be our personal reflection of this experience?  Through this workshop, we will explore how an image may be our vehicle for sharing the numinous qualities we discover in the wild.