About the Owner

Jill Pangman has over 40 years of experience as a wilderness guide, outdoor educator, biologist, naturalist, and conservationist. Her passion is in exploring wild places and sharing these experiences with others. She recognizes the capacity of wilderness sojourns to rejuvenate and inspire, and to deepen our connection to the natural world as well as to ourselves. She expresses her own love of nature, and her commitment to the healing of our world through her guiding, parenting, writing, photography and conservation-oriented work. She has immense gratitude for the beauty of nature as well as the human spirit, and she finds that leading journeys into the wilderness is an ideal venue to share this appreciation.

Jill has been active in the conservation community in the Yukon. She was president of CPAWS-Yukon (the Yukon chapter of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) for ten years, and on the board of the Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon for over 20, the last five as Vice President. She found an outlet, through both these organizations, as well as through Sila Sojourns, to speak out on behalf of the natural world. She has done this through active engagement in protected areas campaigns, lending a conservation voice to tourism industry concerns, or through sharing her insights, and laughter, with fellow wilderness travelers.

“My passion for wilderness and wildlife, as well as for people, has been the strongest influence in my life. I have traveled around the world exploring, and working in, different ecosystems and cultures, yet I have chosen the Yukon to be my home. Not only because I personally feel a great sense of freedom and opportunity here, and I enjoy the community of people I share this land with, but also because it is a stunningly beautiful corner of the country and most of it is still wild. I love the fact that I could walk out my door and be gone for months if I wanted to, into a road less tract of wild country, where wild animals still have room to roam.”