About Us

Sila’s mission is threefold:

1.  to offer safe,  inspiring and informative journeys into wild northern landscapes;

2. to do so without negatively impacting the environment we are traveling through; and

3. to benefit Yukoners by using services provided within the Territory.

“I envision a world where wildlife roams unimpeded, where rivers run free, and where our life sustaining air and waters remain pure.  I also envision a world where humans can live in harmony with nature, through understanding the interconnectedness of all life.   My hope is that Sila Sojourns can, in a small way, contribute to this vision becoming reality, at least in the Yukon.  Through having meaningful experiences in the natural world we naturally become voices for its protection. The survival of all species, including our own, depends on the strength of our voices, and the depth of our love for all things wild.