Imagine yourself immersed in a landscape so wild, and a silence so serene, that you’ll never want to leave. Whether you’re cresting the rise of a mountain ridge, following centuries old trails worn by the hooves of caribou, or paddling through crystal clear waters, over river stones of rainbow colours, a Sila sojourn is about connecting – to place and to self.

Sila Sojourns

 We specialize in providing quality wilderness experiences throughout the Yukon Territory, with a focus on natural and cultural history interpretation, creative expression and personal insight. Whether we are traveling on land or water our trips are designed to combine this opportunity to explore wild and spectacular northern landscapes with time for personal reflection and inspiration. Even though all of our journeys are activity-oriented, some move at a slower pace than others, incorporating practices that help deepen our experience. These may include writing, photography, meditation, music, yoga, and other creative or healing modalities.

We are fully booked for 2024 with some custom-designed sojourns. Feel free to contact us if you want some assistance with finding other operators  for your dream trip this season. Otherwise check back later this year for our  2025 schedule. 

Sila  is an Inuit word for nature that signifies the life essence of all things. It refers to the power of nature, and to the breath, the life force energy, that circulates through and animates all living beings. Sila is also a Sanskrit word, referring to moral conduct. I feel that Sila is a word which reflects the philosophy of Sila Sojourns. Through travelling in the wilderness, in a respectful and reverent way, we are able to connect to this life essence, both within ourselves and within the world around us.