History of Sila

Sila Sojourns was founded in 1992 by Joyce Majiski  and myself, Jill Pangman.   Both wildlife biologists by training, we were each guiding for Ecosummer Yukon Expeditions at the time, a well-established adventure tour company. Ecosummer’s focus on natural history interpretation suited us, as did the pristine nature of the locations we were guiding in. Eventually, however, we wanted to offer trips of our own design that were slower-paced and more conducive to self-reflection and creative expression. We felt that the more our sojourns nurtured an intimate connection with the natural world  the more rejuvenating and meaningful they would be.

Joyce is no longer part of the business as she is pursuing an art career full time. Joyce’s art is infused with the inspiration and insights she has gleaned from her years of experiences out on the land, as biologist and wilderness guide.  I (Jill) am now sole proprietor of Sila Sojourns, hiring other leaders to assist me on the journeys.  My wildlife biologist husband, Bruce McLean, supports in myriads of ways behind the scenes, and our son, Caelan, equally passionate about the wilds, assists on some of the trips.

I have chosen to keep Sila Sojourns a small business, so that I can lead each trip myself, and still have time for conservation work, creative endeavours and parenting. I am  grateful for how Sila has enriched my life,  and that of my guests,  through sharing transformative experiences with fabulous people in incredible landscapes!